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American style in the interior: the embodiment of freedom in your home

American style in the interior is a design, the features of which are the presence of a large space due to the connection of the kitchen and living room, imitation of high prices using budget materials, zoning of space and a large amount of furniture.

The interior perfectly reflects the hospitable nature of Manhattan residents. The first association with this direction is the living room from the TV series “Friends”. The spacious room, where the main characters spent so much time, served at the same time as a kitchen, dining room and place to relax. In such a free location, you can cook breakfast, invite guests for dinner, or sit comfortably on the sofa watching the TV.

American style apartment design

The American-style apartment is distinguished by the absence of doors and partitions between the entrance hall, living room, kitchen and dining room. Transitions between zones can be accentuated by lowering the floor level. The bedrooms, bathroom, guest room and nursery remain closed for free access. To cope with home decoration, you need to know some design subtleties:

  • Visual expansion of space by dividing it into zones. The rooms are separated from each other by functional partitions;
  • The room has a relatively small number of accessories. There are almost no decorative ornaments in the decoration;
  • The color scheme of this direction is multifaceted, but most often earthy colors are used in the interior: from light beige to dark brown and green;
  • The interior of the room in the American style involves lighting that helps to divide the room into zones. The central ceiling light source is installed only in the living room. In the rest of the premises, combined light is used with the help of many lamps, sconces and floor lamps;
  • The American style staircase is an integral part of the interior. It can be recognized by its simple design and contrasting colors of the steps and partitions between them;
  • The classic American style in the interior of the apartment allows for a plank floor, which is painted in light gray or brown. Also, the floor can be covered with a natural wood laminate. For greater comfort, a light-colored woolen rug is laid on the floor;
  • The interior includes walls covered with light-colored wallpaper with beautiful ornaments;
  • The furniture is mostly mahogany, with no decoration or decoration. Sometimes, for greater comfort, it is upholstered with a colorful multi-colored fabric.

Living room in American style

The American style living room design does not have a characteristic color. The wall treatment involves wallpaper, complemented by wood paneling at the bottom of the wall. Since the living room is combined with the kitchen, it is necessary to zone the space using two types of light.

In the center of the living room there is a soft sofa, a couple of armchairs and a coffee table. A rocking chair or a coffee table with wicker elements will look cozy. All the main furniture is in the center, and there are solid wood bedside tables against the walls. There are bookshelves and flower shelves. There are also some accessories.

American style kitchen: divide and decorate

American-style kitchen interior design often involves dividing space with arches, bar counters, partitions and multi-level ceilings, as well as color contrasts.

Speaking about the colors that are appropriate in the kitchen of this trend, the range of neutral tones rather prevails here. Bright hues are rare. White can be seen on the facades of kitchen units.

You don’t have to have a whopping budget to make a referral idea come true. You can simply use artificial materials. If you pick good imitations, the kitchen will look as luxurious as with expensive materials.

Usually a kitchen set is placed against the wall. But, if space allows, you can place the work area in the center. The dining area is located separately. You can divide the kitchen into two zones using the bar counter.

The living room kitchen should have a central chandelier as well as spotlights above the work surface. You cannot do without accessories in the form of curtains, flowerpots with flowers, paintings in wooden frames and textile decorative elements.

American style house

There are several architectural trends in the exterior that can be found in US cities.


Such a house has a rectangular shape with pronounced columns and chimneys. It is being built using wireframe technology. In the center is the front entrance, and the American style doors and windows are arranged in a “one door through five windows” principle.

Cape cod

The direction arose in the 18th century, when the houses of the inhabitants of England were taken as the basis for construction. Typical characteristics of such a house are skylights, steep short awnings and a side attic. Outside, the house is covered with clapboard, there is a central entrance door, as well as shuttered windows.

Classic american house

Classic houses are built from red bricks. They can be done in various variations: Tudor, Victorian, Bungalow or Federal. Such houses are often found in the Northeast United States.

Farm house

The layout of such a house is a vast cottage with slightly asymmetrical facade details. The main feature is the veranda surrounding it from all sides. The house also has a semicircular glass ledge that serves as a dining area. The interior includes three bedrooms, a guest room, a nursery and a living room.

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