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Scandinavian style in the interior: design with a Nordic character

Scandinavian style is a design in white, beige and pastel colors, which is characterized by four main components: simplicity, practicality, austerity of lines and restrained elegance. A mixture of Scandinavian styles gave birth to a home space filled with cleanliness, light, furniture and decor made from natural materials and a light palette of colors. And the result is a feeling of absolute unity with nature. The revival of the style took place in 1990, when designers began to boldly use every element of the decor as an integral piece of the interior.

How did the Scandinavian interior style come about? It originated from the harsh natural conditions of Northern Europe, where there are long winters and little daylight. People spent most of the year indoors and often cramped houses needed light, space and comfort. That is why it is dominated by the need for light sources, practicality and finding things in the public domain. This resulted in a design that confidently combined beauty and functionality.

Scandinavian-style apartment design: distinctive features of northern aesthetics

Do you want to transform the space of your apartment into an elegant, functional and at the same time cozy space? Then a Scandinavian-style apartment is the right decision. Here are some basic rules to follow when choosing elements for decoration:

  • Let in daylight, use mirrors and reflective surfaces;
  • Choose dazzling white and light shades – ivory, beige, light brown, milky, cream;
  • Give up complicated fittings and bulky pieces of furniture. Furniture should be simple and straightforward;
  • Buy furniture made from natural wood in light shades;
  • Focus on one or two bright accessories;
  • Need a streamlined “simplified” form of built-in furniture;
  • Each item is an integral part of the interior, so display only beautiful things;
  • Create a cozy atmosphere with comfy items such as luscious sofa cushions and plush rugs.


Feel free to choose the lightest shade of white light, as well as muted tones. Calm tones such as beige, milky and ivory combined with white will bring more light into the room, even on the most cloudy day.

What else is white good for a Scandinavian interior? White is a clean board or backdrop against which you can play with colors – from soft pastels to bright black accents. It should be noted that cold white is more suitable for rooms that face south, because they receive more light and heat. Warmer tones of white are ideal for rooms facing north. In addition, white will visually make any room more spacious than it actually is.

Do you find beige tones boring? The advantage of soothing and soft tones does not mean that Scandinavian design is devoid of energy and dynamics. On the contrary, well-placed bright accents such as ceramics, rugs and sofa cushions in bright colors will add charisma to your room. Interspersed colors such as gray, black, red and yellow are usually chosen to combine with white.


Nature in the home is a principle followed by Scandinavians. That is why wood predominates in their houses as the main material. The favorites are furniture and floors made of pine, beech and ash in light colors, which fits perfectly with the idea of ​​”style about naturalness”. Wooden floors are laid in all rooms except the bathroom. Carpets on the floor are optional, but if you can’t imagine a Scandinavian-style interior design without a carpet, choose it in light and beige colors or dilute the interior with a small bright rug. Also in vogue is flooring made of casually finished boards that can be painted white.

Scandinavian style furniture

Choose wardrobes, beds, tables and chairs made from natural wood or white painted furniture – dressers, bookshelves and tables. In this case, the design of furniture should be without unnecessary decorative elements. For example, a sofa with a wooden frame and cushions in a large white and gray cage, as well as a coffee table made of wood, will do. Furniture with open wooden legs also looks advantageous.


The Scandinavian style in the interior of the apartment and thick massive curtains are incompatible things. What curtain texture is suitable for northern motives? Light curtains made of natural fabric are ideal: transparent and light silk, chiffon, the finest linen, muslin or mesh. Discard options with ruffles, frills and bows, as well as curtains with glitter. A great option is long cuts of airy white fabric.

What length of curtains to give preference to? It can be floor-length curtains with large loops or eyelets, airy and weightless, as well as light curtains. You can also use blinds and roller blinds. The main rule is that curtains should be simple, matched to the tone of the situation and fulfill their main function.


Chandeliers, lamps, sconces, mirrors and candles are integral companions of the Scandinavian-style kitchen-living room and bedroom. You also cannot do without overall windows in these rooms. Simply put, the more reflectors and light sources, the better the idea is conveyed. Great importance is attached to mirrors, strategically placed to expand the space and reflect the ambient light. Lacquered furniture also scatters light favorably. A chandelier with candles will ideally fit here as the main source of artificial light, as well as electric lamps with simple lines and shapes that will illuminate the room and not give it the clutter effect.

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